Lovers & Strangers

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July 2015

To Love. because despite all we think we know about love there is still always something unfamiliar and undiscovered. We have all the palettes of emotions within ourselves and despite the many changes human life undergoes what remains as one of the most important things is love. the love for yourself. For someone else. For animals. For nature. For any little thing that exists. For what you do. For life. Love is as strong as it is unsearcheable. it appears unexpected and vanishes stealthy. Its inscrutable. We can gain it but we can never posses it. is universal, yet so individually experienced. And sometimes we dont even know if its really love or something else that poses veiled as love. Addictive and irreplaceable it ultimately fulfills our lives like nothing else. and like nothing else can it pull the rug out from under our feet once its gone, but suddenly reappear gently wrapping you up in order to lightly carry you above the ground again. Without it we are lost. and with it we face a huge challenge because of its secretive and unpredictable nature. Still, even with all the love that connects us to each other and to the world, we might always remain strangers to ourselves and to others.. But this time we just want to be lovers.
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