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October 2014
Currently in London and ready to leave Europe for a while.
Life has taught me to be always ready and keen to say goodbye. Sometimes its hurting. Sometimes they hurt you. Sometimes you hurt them. That means that you feel and feelings are the most important thing that we have. And the music. Just because we all have them. We have them everywhere. They are the best way to learn and enjoy life. We need to be always thankful for that. That's what life means for me. Life is about goals and goals are about risks. Something or somebody who worths it will never dare to reject you from their way. Thats why we should listen our soul more often. Souls are wise and they can guess wich risks we should take. Despite the tears. The mistakes.
Every risk I have taken in life has made me happier sooner or later: a job, a love, a trip, a friend, a moment... Because life isn't about guarantees. We don't need guarantees to risk. "If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster"

Cold days in London with my baes:

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