Jou sucks.

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Today has been a sad-summer day. Rainy day. I have loved today. Today my agenda is full and my hands are empty. I have no shame. I have no north, I have lost it. I have no ideas, I have no feelings. I have no drugs. I just have a blocked mind. Blocked eyes. I had a positive mind, bah it doesn't mind.

Photoedition Antonio Mingot. Canary Islands (Gran Canaria)

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5 comentarios:



gorgeousclara said...


eLi said...

Que mono el bikini!! me encanta, es super colorido :)

un beso wapa!

ediot said...

i think rainy days suck. and its been raining since i got back from berlin. which was great. would definitely want to go to madrid. doesn't niña mean infant? hihi ;) or little one- im no good at spanish, but i thought i knew this
p.s love the photo.its magical.

happy weekend
xxxxx ediot

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

I don't know why but everybody thinks rainy day is sucks and so different with me! I love rain, I can sleep all the time and I can drink the hot chocolate but the sucks thing yeah, so hard to play with friends.

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